Pre-pregnancy, the best Valentine's Day involved a new dress, 4 inch heels, fancy dinner, wine, dessert, more wine, and all of the sex. Late-pregnancy...not so much. The dress doesn't fit, your feet are too swollen for your V-Day heels, dinner is great until you're completely stuffed after the first course (and then have to deal with all-the-stares as you bag up your steak to take home), the wine list doesn't even make it to your table (if your partner is smart), neither does dessert, and sex is the farthest thing from your mind (not you, February due dates...we know sex is always on your mind).

Let us help. Today's Top 10 is just. for. you.

We know you're over pregnancy, and, let's get real, subtle hints, too. Are these perfect ideas or what? You just go right ahead and pass this list on, okay? (It's okay if you get them for yourself, too. We promise.)

  1. Prenatal Massage. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, especially near the end. Let the Prenatal Certified Medical Massage Therapists at Becoming Mom Spa alleviate her aches and pains with 50 or 80 minutes of an amazing massage. Bonus points: spring for the Nap Add-On. She. will. love. it.
  2. One Final Babymoon. 21C Hotel has it all: room service, cable television, comfortable beds that other people make, even a museum if the mood strikes! Away from home, but close enough to the hospital if the time comes. 
  3. Jewelry. You can almost never go wrong with Tiffany & Co. We love this's extra perfect if you already know baby's name!
  4. Yoga Classes. We love Kate at Shine Yoga. Send her there (in addition to something else on this list) and she'll come home feeling peaceful and relaxed.
  5. Fresh Cut & Color. Listen, she probably doesn't feel much like herself right now and it's going to be a minute before she has time for the salon again. Let the pro stylists at High Five Salon help her feel perfectly coiffed to meet your new baby.
  6. Flowers That Last. Skip anything that could wilt before she has the baby. Orchids are beautiful and can bloom for months!
  7. Pedicure. Everyone likes fresh toes in the delivery room! Since she can't reach them anymore, outsource it. Spruce Natural Nail Shop is fantastic and will make her feel extra pampered.
  8. Fine Chocolates. Aglamesis Brothers. That's all. Seriously, don't come home with Russell Stover okay? Nothing against Russell, he's perfectly fine for almost all other occasions. But this Valentine's Day, she's carrying your baby. And she has been for 8+ months. She deserves the best.
  9. Comfy Dress. At this point, her maternity clothes are likely very well worn. It's nice to get something new every now and again, especially if you have somewhere special to take her (see #10). This dress is perfect for wearing in the hospital after delivery, too. 
  10. Dessert Date. Swing by Sotto and sit at the bar for their Ricotta Doughnuts. So. So. Good.

Wishing you all a happy, as-comfortable-as-a-very-pregnant-person-can-be Valentine's Day*.

*Quickie Sex. We're also wishing you quickie sex. It might be the last time for a while! ;) <3