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Childbirth Education


Childbirth Education

From the first pregnancy announcement, couples are bombarded with advice, both solicited and not. From what sort of care provider to hire, what to eat (and what not!), where to birth, when to birth and how, how to feed your baby, which way to cross your legs and what side of the street to walk on, you’ll be receiving advice for the best pregnancy and birth experience from everyone you know (and even those you don’t).

Make sense of it all with childbirth education from Doulas of Cincinnati.

In a DOC class, you'll learn:

  • What to expect from your body throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the immediate postpartum period.

  • Options for pain management, both “natural” and synthetic.

  • Common interventions, why they’re used and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

  • How to best communicate with the members of your care team throughout your pregnancy and on the big day.

All of this to help you:

  • Discover and prepare for your unique birth vision.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to childbirth. What worked for your neighbor may not work for you. (Frankly, what will work for you at the onset of labor probably won’t at the end.) DOC offers a comprehensive course that is inclusive of all choices. DOC covers both vaginal and cesarean delivery, coping with medication or without, what to expect at home or the hospital, and everything in between.

Because we’re invested in you…not your birth outcome.

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The first kicks, your gender reveal, family photographs of your last pregnancy, your baby’s arrival into your arms - moments to be cherished for a lifetime.  With over 20 years photography experience, DOC captures and preserves these days for generations to come.

Our professional photographers use a combination of documentary and lifestyle portraiture with a focus on natural light.  We attune to you and your day, working unobtrusively so your photographs reflect your true style and ease.

When you choose photography from DOC you’ll receive a complimentary consultation so we understand both the moments that are most special to you and your comfort level around a camera during this intimate time.

Look back on the exciting moments of your pregnancy with a Maternity Session:

  • Pregnancy Announcement

  • Gender Reveal Party

  • Couples & Family

  • Maternity & Postpartum Boudoir


Cincinnati Birth Photography


Commemorate your baby’s arrival with                  Birth Photography and our Fresh 48 Session:

  • Your labor at home

  • Your birth in the hospital or at home

  • The moment you meet your baby

  • Your first experiences of baby in your arms

  • Introducing your baby to their grandparents & sibling(s)


Cincinnati Newborn Photography

Cherish the sweetness of your newborn and watch them grow with our Newborn Sessions:

  • One of your first few days at home

  • 1st Year Milestones: 3, 6, 9 & 12 months

  • Smash Cake Celebrations





Your photography sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home or a Greater Cincinnati destination that is special to you - the place you met, where you got engaged, or even your favorite picnic place.  

All of our packages provide you with a private online gallery to share with any family and friends you choose, complete with digital download and print release.  Ask us about our DOC exclusives included with select sessions and packages.

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Birth Doulas

Birth Doulas

Whether you’re planning a medicated birth, a planned cesarean or a waterbirth in your living room, Doulas of Cincinnati focuses on you and your partner.  By understanding your needs and wishes we are able to build a unique bond between you and your doulas.

We believe in birth.

Not birth on our terms.
Not birth according to textbooks.
Not birth according to activists.

But birth according to you.

DOC's focus is helping women feel confident in their choices for strings attached.  Go with your gut, the latest evidence or your care provider's recommendation.  However you arrive at your decisions.

We’ve got your back.

We will care for you with gentleness and compassion, provide customized and clear education and support so that you understand the process of labor and birth, and what to expect during your postpartum recovery.

As a DOC birth doula client, you'll receive:

  • A complimentary, in-home consult.

  • Personalized monthly emails filled with advice, tips and to-dos for the duration of your pregnancy

  • A dedicated team of doulas on call from day one including unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy

  • Local resources and connections for all of your pregnancy and parenting needs

  • Information and evidence-based resources to aid in your decision making process, should you want them

  • One prenatal visit from your doula team to help you and your family prepare for a birth that is best for you

  • Continuous labor support from the moment you're ready (including in-home, if desired)

  • Immediate postpartum support and continuous presence until your baby is comfortably in your arms, including assistance with breastfeeding, if desired.

  • Continuity of care with an in home postpartum follow up visit


Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum Doulas

The first days, weeks and months with your new baby can be one of the most happy, and often times, stressful periods of your life. 

Whether you’re bringing home your first or sixth baby, routines must change.  From interrupted sleep, round-the-clock feedings to recovering from childbirth, every new family can benefit from the support (and extra pair of hands) Doulas of Cincinnati provides.

When you contact DOC for postpartum doula services, you'll receive a complimentary consult to discuss and design your postpartum plan. DOC offers flexible daytime and overnight shifts to help make your transition from people to parents as smooth as possible.

You can trust that DOC unconditionally supports your decisions for your baby and family. Your doula will build a relationship with you to understand your lifestyle and parenting choices to give you customized support and care. From how and what your baby eats, where they sleep, and into what they pee, DOC has your back.  We care about one thing: helping new families thrive.

Some of the ways DOC supports new families:

  • Answer questions about normal recovery from childbirth

  • Help process your birth experience and support your emotional well-being

  • Support the mother/child dyad with feeding education and support, whether by breast or by bottle

  • Teach you basic newborn care practices including soothing baby, diapering, bathing, nail cutting and more...

  • Care for your newborn while you sleep, shower or catch up on your DVR

  • Customized Meal Preparation and planning, including nourishing light meal preparation to meet your dietary needs.

  • Take care of light housekeeping and laundry chores

  • Care for older sibling(s) while you snuggle your new baby

  • Assist you with outings (shopping, pediatrician visits, etc)

Your postpartum care plan is completely customizable.  Maybe you just need a little extra help to fill in the gaps when your partner heads back to work, or when extended family isn’t available.  Or perhaps you only want support in the wee, overnight hours, when new parenthood can feel the most trying.  

When and how often you utilize DOC’s postpartum support is entirely up to you.  We recommend at least 10 daytime shifts to help get your family off to the best possible start.


Placenta Services

Placenta Services

There are many traditions surrounding honoring the placenta.  Some families choose to commemorate their birth by burying the placenta under a tree or a beloved plant, or preserve the the "tree of life" in artist's print suitably for framing.  

Many women today are choosing Placenta Encapsulation, and report an enhanced postpartum experience including a faster, more pleasant recovery of the body, mind, and spirit.  

Enjoy nature's perfect supplement for your postpartum recovery and beyond.   Doulas of Cincinnati certified Postpartum Placenta Specialists (CPPS) are professionally trained and equipped to honor your placenta.  Your CPPS will ensure that your placenta is prepared and encapsulated in the safest way possible and with the utmost care while following OSHA's standards.  Our CPPS work exclusively in your home - there is never any doubt about our work or process.  Your CPPS is there for you with personalized support, answering your questions about placenta consumption, postpartum needs and referrals.   

Commonly Reported & Potential Benefits of Placenta Consumption Include:

  • Balancing of postpartum hormones

  • Increase in energy during your recovery

  • Increase milk production and a healthy milk supply

  • Decreased postpartum bleeding

  • Decreased postpartum "baby blues"

  • Replenish postpartum iron levels

Placenta Tincture

Placenta tincture is the most effective way to preserve your placenta for long term use.  The tincture process preserves some of your placenta in high quality drinking grade alcohol.  After six weeks of curing, your tincture will gain its potency.

It can assist with hormonal changes and boost the immune system during times of transition, assist with menstrual cycles, menopause and even thyroid issues.

Placenta Salve

Placenta salve is a topical way to enjoy the benefits of placenta. The placenta is extremely rich in stem cells, T-cells, vitamins, hormones and nutrients. It has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties. Your placenta is infused in a safe, all purpose herbal salve.

The salve can be used for, chaffing, perineal tears, hemorrhoids, your c-section scar after 2 weeks of healing, burns, eczema, sun burn and other skin irritations. For topical use ONLY- Not meant for ingestion.

Placenta Print

A handcrafted print of your placenta is a magnificent way to remember your pregnancy and birth journey.

Your placenta is hand printed onto Fine Artist's Paper using your choice of either the natural coloring of the placenta or confectionary coloring.

The FDA has not approved placenta consumption, and therefore we cannot guarantee any results.


Belly Binding

Belly Binding

Say Hello to Postpartum Belly Binding!

Postpartum Belly Binding is inspired by the ancient Malaysian tradition of binding your torso during the first 40 days postpartum.  The soft, breathable fabric is wrapped in a way to support your body’s natural recovery.  

Using a Belly Bind during your postpartum recovery can be helpful in encouraging your abdominal muscles back to their original state sooner.  Wearing your bind encourages good posture and can help minimize low back pain as your center of gravity readjusts, and helps to reduce hunching over while caring for your baby or breastfeeding.

Taking time each day for self-care during your postpartum recovery is rewarding.  Giving back to your self and your body can be healing giving closure to your birth experience and celebrating your body.

Enjoy your in-home spa experience with a DOC belly binding session:

  • A custom 100% cotton Postpartum Belly Bind to keep

  • A gentle abdominal massage from your doula

  • One wrapping session with instruction to wrap from you doula

Lactation Support

Lactation Support

Let’s be honest.  Those long awaited early days of bonding and breastfeeding aren’t always what you hoped they would be.

Having the breastfeeding knowledge and support from your DOC doula can often be just what you need to make a comfortable transition to a breastfeeding relationship.  

But what happens when that just isn’t enough?  

International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are the gold standard for breastfeeding care.  Your DOC IBCLC's extensive training and education means you have access to specialized lactation support and a tailored breastfeeding care plan specific to you and your baby.

With IBCLC support from DOC, you’ll receive:

  • A private, in-home consult including a health history of mother and baby

  • Latch Assessment with information and support on achieving a comfortable and effective latch

  • A personalized breastfeeding care plan to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals

  • Assessment for potential tongue and lip ties with appropriate referrals for diagnosis and treatment

  • Assistance in special circumstances such as premature birth, re-lactation, induced lactation, slow weight gain, jaundice and more