Happy Valentine's Day!

Looking for something sweet for your sweetie (see what I did there)? Today's Top Ten lists our favorite sweet treats, perfect for that special Valentine in your life! There's something for everyone! What's your favorite?

  1. For the Whole 30-ish* sort of person in your life: These Salty & Sweet Almond Butter Cups (read: Reese's cups) are super good. Your ingredient-conscious Valentine will definitely appreciate all of the Trader Joes/Whole Foods shopping you'll have to do to make these. :)
  2. For the ice cream purist: Graeters chocolate chip ice cream. Does it get better? Swing by for a cone or pick up a pint on your way home!
  3. For the low-maintenance dessert lover: UDF's Homemade ice cream. Butter Pecan, Cherry Cordial or Cookies n' Cream are all go-to flavors.
  4. For a very special treat: Aglamesis Brothers. Perfect for very special Valentines, too (are you or someone you know very pregnant?)!
  5. For the sentimental types: Homemade doughnuts. Breakfast for dinner, anyone?
  6. For vegans: Swing by Rooted Juicery in Oakley. They have a large vegan dessert selection.
  7. For the classic Valentine: Bonbonerie is always perfect for every occasion. Opera Cream Cake, we're looking at you. (Pro tip from an Opera Cream devotee, you can find these beauties after hours at Jungle Jims AND, if really pressed for time, individual slices at Deweys!)
  8. For the gluten-free folks: Brownies. Who cares if black beans are the main ingredient? They're good, ok?!
  9. For the last minute shoppers: Esther Price are by far the best mass-produced chocolates. Kroger stocks them in a refrigerated case in the floral department.
  10. For the Valentine with gestational diabetes: Chocolate pudding pops. Give yourself at least 3 hours for freezing.

Are we missing any? What is your favorite Valentine's Day sugary treat to give/receive?

*Ok, so this recipe is definitely not Whole 30 approved. Hence the "ish."