In observance of World Doula Week, we were challenged to author a poem about doula support. English major or not, this was challenging!

First, two lines on a little white stick
Nine long months go by so quick
At last, the day has arrived
Tiny, soft cheeks and the sweetest cries

Time to call the Doula

Breasts are swelling, eyes are weepy
You and your partner are so very sleepy
Baby is full, the cupboard is bare
You dream of, one day, washing your hair

Time to call the Doula

Laundry in the dryer, supper on the table
Your baby sleeps soundly, curled up in her cradle
The doula soothes babe's witching hour
You enjoy a nap and a long, hot shower
Bed time approaches, only one hour til
You've saved enough energy to Netflix and chill

Time to call the Doula

Tell us, what was your biggest pain point during the postpartum period? How could you have benefited from a postpartum doula?

Happy World Doula Week!!


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