Spring is finally in the air in Cincinnati… (I can tell because literally everyone I know is sneezing and coughing). Barring the constant need for Zyrtec, these several weeks are some of my favorites.

Warmer temperatures,
beautifully blooming flowers and trees,
longer days,
Opening Day at Kings Island,
Fireworks Fridays at GABP,
the Flying Pig,
Derby Day,
and then City Flea!*
Every weekend is filled with something fun to do. It really doesn’t get better.

Especially for those of us who are moms! Tucked right into all of the excitement of spring is Mother’s Day**. Our day. To enjoy breakfast in bed, open handmade gifts from our children, to be pampered, and of course, celebrated. Except, most of us have moms, too. And y’all, there is no way I have time for handmade gifts anymore (sorry, Mom!). 

So what’s a mom on Mother’s Day to do? 
Brunch, people. Take your mama to Brunch.

Enjoy your breakfast in bed, enjoy your handmade gifts, treat your mom to brunch, and then hightail it back to the pampering and the celebrating. 

Unless you’re 345978 weeks pregnant like me, in which case, we recommend focusing solely on the pampering and the celebrating (sorry again, Mom… I’ll get you next year!).

Not sure where to make your reservation (or if you can)? Check out our Tuesday Top Ten of the best brunches in Cincinnati. Any of these is sure to make your mom (and you!) smile.

  1. Salazar — One of the few places in OTR that accepts reservations. Brunch is served from 1030-2 every Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Taste of Belgium — Your family has lots of options with Taste of Belgium, with four locations throughout the city. At the Banks and in Rookwood, ToB is open late, til 8! In Clifton and OTR, brunch is served til 3. Technically, you can find ToB at Findlay Market, as well, but it’s probably not the brunch atmosphere a Mother’s Day crew is looking for.

  3. Sacred Beast — Another OTR favorite, that’s open all day.

  4. The Baker’s Table — This gem is across the river in Newport and takes reservations! Open til 2pm Sunday.

  5. Sleepy Bee Cafe — I adore Sleepy Bee… family friendly with options for every diet. The pancakes are the very best, y’all. Trust me. Open til 3pm at three locations throughout the city… the wait here can be crazy, so be sure to reserve your table ahead of time.

  6. Metropole at 21C — Enjoy Mother’s Day in a super cool art museum! Open from 930-2 for brunch and takes reservations.

  7. Original Pancake House — So, yes, this is a national chain, but everybody loves a Dutch Baby. Locations in Montgomery, Beechmont and West Chester, OPH stays open til 3pm on Sundays.

  8. Coppins at Hotel Covington — Coppins is our go-to for happy hour and the brunch menu is similarly on point (let’s talk about the Oreilles De Cochon people). Across the river in Covington with easy parking access, this is the perfect in and out spot when you’re trying to get back to the pampering! Open for brunch til 2.

  9. Hang Over Easy — For the latest of risers, HangOverEasy serves brunch til 4pm.

  10. Tellers — Located in Hyde Park Square, Tellers serves brunch til 3pm.

Are we missing any? Where is your favorite brunch spot? Tell us in the comments! And, above all else, have the happiest of Mother’s Days! <3

*My Birthday is May 19… which is the day after City Flea, and definitely an important date for all Cincinnatians to mark on their calendars.
**Mother’s Day this year is May 12.

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