The babymoon is one of my most favorite contributions of Millennials to society (hi, proud Millennial here; nice to meet you). I mean, honestly, what could be better? A pre-baby getaway some place fabulous is always what the doctor ordered. Imagine sleeping in, relaxing massages, connecting over great food, daydreaming about this new, perfect little baby, lounging on the beach, or napping together in a hammock (to be honest... I've never witnessed two people in a hammock together in real life, much less napping...or pregnant. But if there were ever a place in my dreams that this could be possible, it would be in the full-of-energy-still-feeling-super-comfortable second trimester, on a babymoon). It sounds delightful. 

Except... sometimes people run out of time to plan this fabulous vacay, because, you know...they're prepping for a baby. Or, perhaps this delightful babymoon would shorten the amount of parental leave available. Or, maybe Amanda, who's 36 weeks pregnant, just read about babymoons for the first time only 30 seconds ago. Whatever the circumstance, it's not always possible to leave town for a babymoon. 

Well, my dear babymoon-less friends, I have the perfect solution (this is for you, Amanda). A short and sweet weekend getaway, right here in Cincinnati, full of parks, donuts, and all of the relaxation you crave! Keep reading for the complete itinerary below.

Friday Night - Let the fun begin!

The bathroom inside your Luxury Suite.

The bathroom inside your Luxury Suite.

Be sure to have your bags packed Thursday night, so you can head out as soon as you get home from work.
7pm - Check into 21C Museum Hotel. Our favorite room is the Luxury Suite, with its cozy sitting area, a king sized bed, and gorgeous tub… it’s the stuff dreams are made of.
7:30pm - Head to the hotel’s restaurant, Metropole, for a delicious dinner. We can’t get enough of the Roasted Lemon Garlic Chicken (breath mints are a must, people) or the Butter Poached Carrots.
8:45pm - After dinner, head upstairs to the Cocktail Terrace (if open) and watch the sun set over some of the of the very best views of downtown Cincinnati. 
9:30pm - Retire to your room, draw a bath, or snuggle up for a little Netflix (and chill) before hitting the hay. 

The views from the Cocktail Terrace at 21C.

The views from the Cocktail Terrace at 21C.

Saturday- Day of the Donuts

I’m pulling for you to sleep in as late as your heart desires. My heart desires double digit wake up calls (10am or later), but since I love sleep more than most people, I’ve exercised a little restraint here and started the day at 9am. Barring visits to the bathroom to pee, you have to promise you’ll not get out of bed before then!

📸 by @holtmansdonuts

📸 by @holtmansdonuts

Currently On Exhibit at 21C: The Future Is Female Zoe Buckman (English) Champ, 2016 Neon, glass, leather

Currently On Exhibit at 21C: The Future Is Female
Zoe Buckman (English) Champ, 2016 Neon, glass, leather

9am - Call for room service. Occupy yourselves in bed until it arrives.
11am - Enjoy an in-room couples massage (pregnancy massage available!), then a mani/pedi for you and a facial for your partner. 
1pm - Pack a blanket, begrudgingly step out (I promise it’s worth it) and hop on the street car for a light lunch at Allez Bakery. Leave plenty of room for donuts after your short walk to Holtman’s.
1:45pm - Lay out your blanket and enjoy your donuts under the sun (or the shade of the trees) in Washington Park. Laugh at the dogs in their splash park, and meander over to the playground to watch the littles play.  Imagine, together, how much fun it will be to bring yours there next summer. 
3pm - Head up the hill to The Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory. This is the perfect opportunity for bump+butterfly shots so You could drop in to The Cincinnati Art Museum, if there’s time. (Not in the mood for long walks or places that close at 5pm, check out the current exhibits at 21C later that night, they’re open 24/7!)
5:15pm - Take a much needed cat nap and freshen up for dinner.
6:45pm - Because no pregnant person has ever had the kind of patience dinner-on-a-Saturday-night-in-OTR requires, make reservations for two at Sotto. Order the donuts for dessert. (Like sleeping in, the donuts are a must. Don’t worry about indulging twice in one day... A) The people at Sotto have no idea you already ate donuts this afternoon and B) It’s your babymoon, who cares?!?!?)
8pm - If you’re in the mood for a more relaxed evening, head to Harth Lounge for some chill live music and a nightcap. Want to laugh until your belly hurts and you pee a little? Check out OTRImprov’s weekly show at Below Zero Lounge (FYI, the seats are uncomfortable… pick a table where you can prop your feet up on an empty chair.)
9:30pm - Dejavu all over again? Yes, please: Retire to your room, draw a bath, or snuggle up for a little Netflix (and chill) before hitting the hay.

Sunday - On Top of the World

The Swings at Smale 📸 by @kevin_millward

The Swings at Smale
📸 by @kevin_millward

9am -  You’ve slept in again…snuggle in bed and make plans for your new baby. Make a promise to do this again sometime in the next year. Keep it.
10:30am - Check out and head to Coffee Emporium for some couch lounging, lattes, and a light breakfast. 
11:30am - Walk along the river at Smale, play on the workout equipment, and daydream as long as you want on the big swings. 
12:30pm - Stop in to Taste of Belgium at The Banks for lunch and buy some waffles to take home for later.
1:30pm - End your Cincinnati babymoon on top of the world at the Carew Tower Observation Deck. Hold hands. Take selfies. Make out. Enjoy each other.

For never again will it be just the two of you. Someone new, and oh-so-special, is on the way. Soak up these last moments together, feeling completely connected and in love as you welcome your new baby into your arms.