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All The Way & Back Again: A Birth Story

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All The Way & Back Again: A Birth Story

Christy was a client of mine last year who overcame some seriously tough twists during her labor (You're 10 centimeters! Just kidding... still 7!) to birth her sweet baby boy, Ashby, at Mercy Hospital in Anderson. She blogs over on Eat Clean Live Simple (go give her some love) and she's kindly written her birth story for us to share and enjoy.

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Top Ten Cincinnati Inspired Baby Names


Top Ten Cincinnati Inspired Baby Names

You went to school here, got engaged with the Ohio River as your backdrop, and now, are ready to raise a family in one of the country's most livable cities

Doulas of Cincinnati are experts on all things baby, and this is especially true for bundles of joy born in the City of Seven Hills.

If you are looking for a baby name that reflects your Porkopolis pride, Doulas of Cincinnati has got you covered. Read on for ten of our favorite names that are "so Cincinnati."

Best Cincinnati Doula
  1. Ludlow - Although a bit heavy on the tongue, Ludlow is an English name to consider if your list also includes Landon or Declan. It also happens to be the name of one of the founders of the Queen City.

  2. Harriet - Author of the best-selling book Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe lived with her family in Cincinnati for nearly 20 years.

  3. Rosemary - Classic names have made a comeback and Rosemary is a lovely tribute to beloved entertainer Rosemary Clooney, who got her start in Cincinnati. (Visiting Rosemany Clooney's home is a nice day trip out of the city.)

  4. Foster - Known as "the father of American music," Stephen Foster wrote some of his songs while living in Cincinnati. (It is prudent to mention that his music does not come free of controversy.)

  5. Crosley - Former owner of the Cincinnati Reds, Powel Crosley, Jr., was a pioneer in radio and broadcasting.

  6. Othneil - An alternative to Nathaniel, Othneil is a nod to former Ohio Governor Othneil Looker, whose house is a historic site in Harrison.

  7. Roland - You might want to thank Roland Wank, one of the designers of Union Terminal, for the days of fun spent at the Children's Museum.

  8. Oxley - Another offbeat "O" name, Oxley pays homage to Dr. Lucy Oxley, the first African American woman to earn a medical degree from the University of Cincinnati.

  9. Oscar - Oscar is regal, yet approachable. Sports fans will appreciate the link to one fo the greatest basketball players of all time, The Big O, Oscar Robertson, who played for both UC and the Cincinnati Royals.

  10. Lillian - Lillian Wald spent her early life in Cincinnati. A public health advocate and nurse, Lillian helped to form the Women's Trade Union League and Children's Bureau. She also helped to found the NAACP.

Written by: JoEllen Noble, IBCLC and resident Cincinnati expert.


Top Ten Signs Winter Is Over


Top Ten Signs Winter Is Over

Growing up, we can remember experiencing four, distinct seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. These days, it feels more like we have just two: Winter and Springy-Summery-Hot-Time-Before-Winter. For those feeling just a little confused, this week's Tuesday Top Ten is devoted to helping you figure it out.

1. It's been at least a week since snow was on the ground.

We are 10 days and counting away from the last cumulative snow, with 80 degree temps for the past several. It’s not perfect science…but a good first sign!

2. The fountains are on.

Our favorites, Smale and Washington Parks turned their fountains (splash parks) on this weekend! Hallelujah!

3. The boys in red are playing ball.

The start of the season isn’t always a guarantee, but coupled with a week of snow-less days, hearing The Cowboy and Marty nightly sure does feel like summer.

4. Pigs are flying.

The start of Cincinnati’s running season kicks off the first weekend of May with The Flying Pig. If a Facebook feed full of sweaty people in race bibs isn’t proof summer is here…we don’t know what is.

5. It's FEST time.

Goetta Fest! Mai Fest! Beer Fest! Church Fest(ivals)! Blue Sky Fest! Breathing Air Fest! It’s-A-Hot-Weekend-In-The-Summer Fest! You know winter is officially over when the fests start popping up. We'll be at the Big 6 wheel with a beer and fists full of dollar bills if you need us (on our off-call days, of course!).

6. OTR is back to its usual crowded self.

And everyone wants to eat on the patio. Three hours of drinking on an empty stomach doesn’t do wonders for your wallet (yes, we will order all of the food…just bring us everything you have), but it sure does make life-size Jenga at Neons more fun!

7. The Root Beer Stand is open.

Seriously. It's open. Go now.

8. City Flea is back.

Nothing feels more like summer in Cincinnati than perusing a gorgeous outdoor flea market surrounded by thousands of your closest sweaty friends.

9. Farmer's Markets open up on the weekends.

There are Farmer’s Market options other than just Northside and Findlay Market. Most start again in May, but some (like Hyde Park) wait until June.

10. Roller Coasters!!!!

Winter is officially over when Kings Island opens for the season.

Some of our fondest childhood memories are included in this list. We can't wait to make new memories with our littles. Here's to summer (errr...that hot time before winter)! What are you most looking forward to? How can you tell when winter is over in Cincinnati?


Meet Katie Brenner

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Meet Katie Brenner


The Cincinnati Art Museum is one of my favorite places, it has been since I was a small child.  I love spending time at the Cincinnati Zoo and the parks around town.

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