Doulas of Cincinnati provides unwavering, unbiased support for all families.

The childbearing year is a time of considerable transformation for women, their partners and families.  We created DOC to bring you a team of doulas, educators, photographers and--sometimes--fairy godmothers.  Our job is to help you explore your options, your wishes and your apprehensions so that you may create your own birth and parenting philosophies.  Together, we strive to help you approach birth and bringing home baby with confidence and great expectations, and preserve the memories along the way.

Cincinnati Doula Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson, Co-Founder

"I've served 140+ Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky families over the past 7+ years. My experience coupled with extensive training and a passion for learning more ensures you'll receive unparalleled support with the most up-to-date information as a DOC client."




Cincinnati Doula Katie Brenner

Katie Brenner, Co-Founder

"In the last 3+ years I have served 120+ families in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.  I draw from my previous management experiences in interviewing, hiring and supervising teams and  have a natural insight in helping you select a member of DOC that will meet your needs."