As first time parents, my husband and I found the options for birth to be on a wide continuum, ranging from a heavily medical, pathologically based orientation to a rigid avoidance of anything medical. Being somewhere in the middle felt somewhat overwhelming due to conflicting advice and philosophies and we needed help navigating through the process. Unfortunately a complication took our original birth plan off the table, and Emily was supportive, validating and reassuring about our decisions and concerns while redirecting our expectations.

We found Emily to be the most balanced doula we considered, with a well-informed and reasonable approach to potential challenges. She is articulate, warm and approachable, making the experience of bringing her into your birth comfortable and smooth. Her sense of humor was instrumental in this, as well, bringing laughter into situations that could otherwise feel stressful and heavy. Hiring an unbiased party and doula like Emily with such professionalism and skillful ability to align with your hopes and needs is something friends and family are not able to provide, as well intentioned as they are
— Molly (Labor Doula)
We would never have gotten contractions started on their own without Emily’s help. I am convinced without her support and guidance, I would have had an emergency c-section. Emily worked so hard and provided so much positive energy. After 26 hours she still cheerfully helped my little guy and I to latch on well. Emily you are a blessing!
— Tellina (Labor Doula)
Emily was a wonderful doula. I had very severe back labor and she was an immense help with massage! I do not know if I would have been knowledgable or confident enough to have a natural birth in a hospital setting without her as a support to me and my husband, as well as my advocate for my wishes. I would definitely have her participate in my birth experience again!
— Elizabeth (Labor Doula)
Emily was a wonderful doula. I had very severe back labor and she was an immense help with massage! I do not know if I would have been knowledgable or confident enough to have a natural birth in a hospital setting without her as a support to me and my husband, as well as my advocate for my wishes. I would definitely have her participate in my birth experience again
— Stephanie (Labor Doula and Childbirth Education)
When my husband and I started trying for our second baby, I knew I would want the help of a doula to ensure I would have the birth I wanted. After our last meeting with Emily before our birth, any fears I had, had been eased, and all my questions had been answered.

Without the help and support of Emily I truly believe I would not have had the birthing experience I wanted. Emily was there right by my side through 19 hours of labor. Even though this was my second go at things, and I had an idea of what to expect, a brand new set of emotions came into play. My husband was there as well, but something about having the support and knowledge of another strong woman right there by my side, to help me through the most pain I will ever experience, to receive the best gift I will ever receive, was comforting. With her coaching I was able to cope through the pain. During the “transition” period I had doubts I couldn’t go on, that I couldn’t do it. Emily reminded me that I am strong and that I am a woman, and this is what i was made to do. With her words of encouragement I was able to let go and embrace the pain that was going to bring me my baby.

I owe so many thanks to Emily for the help of achieving the beautiful natural childbirth I desired. I would recommend her services to any woman. She is welcome support for any birth plan.
— Lindsay (Labor Doula)
The birth went flawlessly and it’s all thanks to you! Steve was amazing and use the tools you gave him to encourage me and cheer me on (and this time, he didn’t even ask any questions!). I could never have had such an amazing birth experience without you. What you do and what you teach is so valuable and I can’t thank you enough for being so awesome!
— Jessie (Childbirth Education)
We met Emily at a “Meet the Doulas” event where we could talk with several doulas in the area. We liked Emily’s high energy, confidence and experience. We met with her individually and felt comfortable with her being present at our birth. We wanted someone who could be calm and help soothe our concerns as we progressed toward the arrival of our child as well as be strong and confident to help support us in our decision to have an unmedicated birth. Emily has all of these characteristics.

We could not have had the birth we wanted without hiring Emily. She provides support and experience to help parents, first time or repeat, prepare for labor and birth. Being educated about labor and birth and knowing that we had Emily to support our decision and explain any interventions recommended made our experience a positive one. Hiring a doula was the best decision we made in planning for the birth of our son.

We planned for an unmedicated hospital birth and with the help of Emily, we achieved exactly what we wanted. Her support leading up to the birth was very helpful. She helped calm our nerves and explore all our options when an induction was recommended. This allowed us to make the right decision for us and as a result, labor began naturally. She was a calming force as well as a secure foundation as we progressed through the stages of labor. Looking to her for support during some of the painful aspects of labor gave me the strength to move forward. Her knowledge and experience allowed us to progress without medical intervention.

It was also comforting to know that Emily has worked with the medical staff in the past. This made us feel like we were all in this together, there was not a disjointed feeling of ‘us vs them’.

Overall, we chose Emily to be our doula for her confidence, optimism, experience and her comforting personality. We couldn’t have had the amazing birth experience we did without her and we are forever grateful!
— Angie (Labor Doula)
I told my husband in the car on the way to the hospital after laboring at home with Emily for several hours, that it was already completely worth our investment. Emily’s dedication and positive, encouraging attitude really helped get me through 32 hours of labor.
— Misty (Labor Doula)
We chose to hire Emily because she made us feel very comfortable during the interview process. She was easy to talk to and get along with, and seemed like the kind of person who is open-minded and could roll with just about any person from any background. She was warm and likeable. We also liked the way she answered our questions...not from her opinion or perspective, but gave multiple sides/ways of looking at various things, and cited research.

Hiring Emily as our doula was the best investment we could have made. I don’t think I would have looked forward to birth without fear if it weren’t for all the support throughout my pregnancy, all the information she helped us find, and all the encouragement. She made me feel prepared and excited, helped me believe in myself and my instincts, and gave invaluable support during the actual labor and delivery to help me succeed naturally. We felt like we got a lot of time and attention, resources, and help for the money.

I wanted a safe, unmedicated birth. Emily helped me learn to speak to my healthcare providers with more confidence. She helped me by providing great tips about preparing my body for the task, and definitely helped me in my labor and delivery. Breathing the way she demonstrated to me, following her suggestions for positioning, her hands on my back, her description of the kind of pushing I should do, her coaching——really in the final stage I just kept my eyes closed and listened to everything she was telling me and it all worked. I felt like she knew exactly what was happening as if she was in my body too. I can’t imagine a nurse helping to that extent! In fact, I loved how well she vibed with my doctor and nurse. I don’t remember them talking much—I think they let Emily be my main coach since I arrived at the hospital at 10cm, which is awesome. She had great rapport with the medical staff—no conflicts!

Emily is empowering, knowledgeable, and approachable. She made me feel comfortable from day one, listened really well, and was always helpful.
— Aliyah (Labor Doula)
Emily has a knack for fast forwarding personal relationship. I immediately felt comfortable with her. She liked to joke around, tolerated my annoying dog, and was really warm. Her presence at my birth was powerful and seamless.
— Emily (Labor Doula)
When I was in my third trimester with my second pregnancy, I heard about Emily over the news. My husband and I had been praying and looking for ways to have a healthy, unmedicated birth. We met with Emily and were so encouraged by her kindness, baby knowledge, and sense of humor. She met with us multiple times and relieved a lot of the fears we had, and she also helped us with a birth plan and gave us helpful “homework” to do as we prepared during the final weeks of waiting.

I was able to have the unmedicated, healthy birth experience we wanted. We believe that was due in a large part to Emily’s coaching and encouragement through the tiring evening. We thank God for Emily and are very thankful to have had her help.
— Susan (Labor Doula)
When my wife first told me she wanted to hire a doula for the birth of our child, I was a little hesitant. This was mainly due to the fact that I had no idea what a doula was, but also because I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be having someone be so involved with my wife’s pregnancy. After the first five minutes of our first session with Emily, I was immediately on board with the idea of a doula. Emily is so knowledgeable about the child birth process and the tips, advice and tools that she was able to provide were amazing. Emily was especially helpful in the delivery room. If you are a husband/father who is not very vocal and have trouble providing that type of support during labor, having a doula, and having Emily specifically, is perfect for you. She was able to keep my wife composed incredibly during the entire labor process and really relieved a lot of stress from me. I would recommend Emily’s services to anyone and will certainly be utilizing her in the future should we have another child
— David (Labor Doula)
I don’t know how I would have gotten through my labor and delivery without Emily’s support and guidance. I’m very grateful I was able to have an unmedicated birth and am most grateful for a healthy baby.
— Lyudmila (Labor Doula)
We met Emily at a doula meet & greet, and we immediately knew she was the one. We liked that Emily was very knowledgeable about child birth – particularly natural child birth and hypnobirthing, but what really sold us was our connection with her on a personal level. We all clicked. Even though we’d just met, Emily easily cracked jokes and made us laugh, which was important to us because of the amount of time we’d spend with her and the level of intimacy we’d share with her from that point on.

After we hired Emily, we met with her several times to discuss the birth we envisioned and how she could help us with it. She was extremely knowledgeable about hypnobirthing and really helped us prepare for the big day. Although we only signed up for two prenatal visits, Emily went out of her way to drop off books, videos, a rebozo, etc. She was also responsive to emails, phone calls, and texts. In addition, she helped us connect with the vast network of local resources (facebook groups, natural parenting meet-ups, local shops, to name a few) that we didn’t know existed. She helped us write a wonderful birth vision. In fact, our midwife liked the tone and formatting so much, she asked for a copy to share with her other patients. Emily also insisted that she attend one of our prenatal appointments with our midwife so that she could introduce herself and they could get to know each other. This was a lovely added bonus.

On the night of the birth, we called Emily at 2:30am. She arrived an hour later and helped us labor at home as long as possible before heading to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, Emily really shined. She worked with the nurses, residents/doctors, and other hospital staff to make sure that they understood our birth vision. When one of our nurses started raising her voice hoping mom would hear her better through the surges, Emily reminded the nurse that we wanted a calm environment. She helped us pace our birthing process by doing everything possible to make sure wife, child, and husband were as comfortable as possible. She helped with the surges and suggested the shower or other techniques when she saw that mom needed the relief. She was encouraging, strong, funny, calm, mindful, and nurturing. She was with us, fully attentive the entire time. We’re not sure how we would have gotten through this process without her. In the end, we had the birth we envisioned. Our little bundle of joy was born naturally, and the whole family is doing well.

We can’t thank Emily enough for everything that she did for us. We would definitely work with Emily again if we decide to have another child, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.
— Lok-Sze & Tom (Labor Doula)
Emily’s class was awesome! The knowledge I gained from the six-week course helped me make some very informed and healthful decisions with my high risk pregnancy. I would highly recommend this class to all expectant families!
— Lindy (Childbirth Education)
Emily was real, she supported what we wanted for our birth experience, joked with us, and made us feel comfortable.

I don’t know if there’s a way to quantify how much we appreciated Emily’s presence and support throughout the pregnancy and labor, delivery and postpartum. We genuinely looked forward to our prenatal sessions. As I reflect on my labor and delivery, she’s definitely in the picture, but her presence was so much a role of support and comfort, not a lead.

I’m not one to wax poetic about experiences, but her presence and gentle touch made me feel so connected, grounded and comforted. My husband is amazing; he provides a strength and intellectual support, but I cannot express how much Emily’s rubbing my back, wiping my brow (and letting me pee on her...accidentally) comforted me.

The atmosphere she created, both physically and mentally/emotionally was incredible. My attitude and emotions were different because I knew she was there. I felt empowered and confident. I made noises. I asked for help. I yelled at them [my husband and Emily].

Emily is tactfully hilarious (as in, she kept things light, but knew when to be serious), wonderfully calming, and subtly supportive (she never took the reigns. She let Daniel and I make decisions, she was absolutely present, but never EVER took Daniel’s place).

The most valuable part of having Emily as our doula was knowing that she was invested in us. We knew we could count on her to be be completely there FOR US as we birthed our sweet baby.
— Holly (Labor Doula)