Maybe you love doulas and are ecstatic when your patients mention they’re hiring one.  Or perhaps, you’ve worked with a rogue doula or two and have to hold back a major eye roll every time you hear the word.

Either way, we're glad you’re here.

At DOC, we believe:

1.  We are an integral part of our clients’ birth teams.
2.  Medical professionals act with our clients’ best interests at heart.
3.  Doulas, medical professionals and other support persons can work together seamlessly.

DOC is committed to:

1.  Providing 100% unbiased support to our clients throughout the childbearing year (and beyond!)
2.  Being invested in our clients, not their birth outcomes.
3.  Acting within a set scope of practice.

When doulas and medical professionals work together collaboratively, it can lead to increased patient
satisfaction and, overall, a more positive birth and early postpartum experience.

Those are goals we can all agree on.

We’d love to swing by your office with breakfast or lunch for you and your staff to talk more about DOC doula services and how they can enhance your patients’ birth and postpartum experiences.