Charis England is a birth doula and postpartum & infant care doula serving Greater Cincinnati. We absolutely love having her on our team. Today, we get to know her a little better.

What's your why? Doula work can be draining, physically and emotionally. Why do you do it?

I have always been one my friends turn to for advice. Once I realized that a Doula combined what I was already doing with empowering/supporting women (and their partners) during such an intimate time of their lives I knew Doula work was for me!

How long have you lived in the Cincinnati area?

About 12 years. My family moved from Virginia to Northern Kentucky to help take care of my grandparents.

What do you love about living in Cincinnati?

I love how different Greater Cincinnati is (and its diversity!) Living in Walton I get to feel like I’m “out there” with land and lots of trees when I’m actually pretty close to so many things. I can drive a little south and be in farm land, drive 15 minutes north and be in Florence for shopping, 30 minutes north and I’m downtown enjoying the city lifestyle.

What's your favorite place to eat in Cincinnati?

Ooo that’s a tough one, I LOVE Eli’s BBQ but Teller’s is a solid choice (that’s even better when the weather is nice).

Goldstar or Skyline?

Skyline…even though to Virginia born me, it’s not really chili  *all the Cincinnatians are probably gasping in shock lol*

UC or XU?


What does your ideal Saturday look like?

My ideal Saturday would be sleeping in some, enjoying a nice breakfast spread, head off to hike at the family farm (or local park) with a picnic, grill out for dinner and finish it up with comfy pants, Netflix and some wine. Oh and no cleaning. One day of no cleaning lol.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would go on a European Tour. I think many European cities look so gorgeous! I would love to see them in person and experience the culture first hand. That or Bali…Bali is a real contender; the pictures look unreal!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a kid, I changed my mind a lot…I was so indecisive, the moment I was “sure” I flipped; from Lawyer, Photographer, Psychologist, and Physical Therapist. Even though I was indecisive there seemed to be a theme centered around careers helping others.

Ten Interesting Facts About Charis

  1. I always set the volume and microwave on odd numbers…always.

  2. I lived at YMCA Camp Ernst year round for several years during high school (in case you were wondering… yes, running from the top of the hill behind the lake down to the main entrance for the bus was not fun!)

  3. I went to a Clown School as a teen. (Yes, it was a random as it sounds). I did a few gigs and decided the whole clown thing wasn’t for me.

  4. I was a preacher’s kid. My parents were pastors for over 15 years.

  5. I was a breastmilk donor.

  6. I’m the oldest of my three siblings but also the shortest.

  7. I have subdivision chickens: Belle, Cuckoo-Loca and Daisy (can you tell we’re big Disney fans?!)

  8. I’m a night owl trying to become a morning bird. Keyword- “trying”.

  9. I prefer tea over soda.

  10. I’ve worn glasses since 3rd grade.

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