Most people don't include shows to binge watch on their lists of "What Every Parent Needs After Baby." But, hey, we're not most people.

There's a lot of opportunity for watching a little (or a lot) of TV in your childbearing year.

  • In your first trimester, when you're feeling nauseous and uninterested in moving from the couch.
  • At the end of the day in your third trimester, when you're exhausted and want to put your feet up. 
  • In early labor, when contractions are definitely happening, but aren't yet requiring much of your attention.
  • After your epidural is placed and baby is still a couple of hours away.
  • Super long rainy days with a newborn on your chest and nowhere to be.
  • The middle-of-the-night feeds, when it can feel impossible to stay awake.
  • Boring at-home treadmill workouts when group fitness classes aren't working for your schedule.

You get the idea.

We've put together this amazing list of our 12 favorite binge-worthy shows just for you! Have you seen these? Which are you most excited about watching? 

Broad City
Fair warning: this show is probably not for everybody... and definitely not for people who plan to hold their sleeping baby while watching (it's hysterical). 
Find on: Hulu | Sling | Comedy Central On Demand

Queer Eye
We are absolutely in love with this reboot, featuring an all new Fab 5. If you are a living, breathing human, you will love them, too!
Find on: Netflix

Playing House
Think of Playing House as a refined, grown up version of Broad City. So, so good. Again: beware of hysterical laughter. 
Find on: USA On Demand | Amazon | Sling (Season 3 only)

Sex and the City
So maybe you saw some SATC on E! or something... it's not the same. Start from the beginning. Resist the urge to skip ahead to season 3, even during the painfully awkward talking-straight-to-the-camera interviews from the first season and a half. Gentle reminder: it's an HBO series... I'd avoid watching with children older than your new baby.
Find on: HBO On Demand | Amazon 

Fixer Upper
If there is ever a time in a person's life when a little Chip and Joanna Gaines is not a good idea, it's in your 2nd and 3rd trimesters (nesting and Fixer Upper do not mix). Other than that, this family friendly home improvement show is one that you can watch over and over. 
Find on: Netflix | Sling | HGTV On Demand | Amazon

Grace & Frankie
Yet another show about female friendship (sensing a theme?) that is super fun to watch. Also, did you know that Frankie is Ms. Frizzle?!
Find on: Netflix

The Mindy Project
This is a show about Mindy Kaling. That is all. 
Find on: Hulu

One Mississippi
Tig Notaro is hilarious in this loosely-biographical dark comedy(?). Unfortunately, the show was cancelled in January... so there are only two seasons. Still 100% worth watching.
Find on: Amazon

Catastrophe follows a couple as they navigate an unplanned pregnancy. I have to give my husband credit for this one (thanks Jay!)... it's super relatable and fun to watch.
Find on: Amazon

Luke Cage
So, admittedly, I'm not a big comic book fan... but Luke Cage is fantastic and impossible to stop watching once you start. Lucky for those of you just starting the series, Season 2 is set to be released in June!
Find on: Netflix

The Handmaid's Tale
Maybe not the most positive show to watch, but definitely interesting... and perfect for bingeing. Word to the wise: Season 1 shows the entire book. Don't think you can just buy the book and find out what happens before Season 2's launch later this month.... because you can't. Trust me (someone who may or may not have done that last year).
Find on: Hulu

Jason Bateman plays Jason Bateman in this suspenseful series. Note: there's some pretty gory violence in this one.
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