The butterfly show is open at Krohn Conservatory, at least four daffodils have bloomed on the edge of my driveway, and I am now regularly encountering multiple hoards of jogging people every other night and on Saturday mornings around town (hello, pig runners).

Y'all, it’s officially spring in the Queen City. (I know it doesn’t feel like it since the last of the snow just melted, Opening Day is on a Thursday and there’s not even a parade….but I digress.) 

Spring is my third favorite season. The only thing that saves it from coming in dead last are the showers (and no, not the April showers variety…rain ruins my hair in about two seconds…). 

Bridal showers, baby showers, housewarming parties (let's call them house showers)! Brunches, parties, get-togethers. It’s like we’re all coming out from a months-long hibernation, desperate for formal invitations, cocktails and an excuse to wear white sandals. 

And yes, dear friends, I’m aware that people have babies all year long. But a springtime baby shower just feels good. It feels good to celebrate a new baby, mimosa in hand, as life blooms all around us, yet again.  So, in that spirit, we’re dedicating the very first Tuesday Top 10 of the season to our best inspo for a very green, very spring, baby shower!

1. All Things Green - Designer Baby Shower

This gorgeous invite (and the rest of Rook Design Co.'s designs) makes my heart sing! 

2. Oh Baby! - Gold Accents

We're obviously fans of gold at Doulas of Cincinnati, and we think it makes the perfect addition to any shower! These paper plates are perfect for outdoor parties, or when traditional dishes won't work.

3. Hello World! - Cake For Days

Greenery, hydrangeas, and frosting... does it get any better? Can we just say, if you have a cake like this from The Frosting, invite your doulas! Seriously. 

4. Welcome Signs - Not Just For Weddings!

Y'all... I have zero shame in telling you about this GORGEOUS welcome sign over at (that is definitely wedding decor in its first life). So glam! 

5. Watch Me Grow - Shower Favors

Love this super unique idea for shower favors! Tags available on Etsy.

6. Minimalist Welcome Sign - Printable

So, maybe you don't want to order a huge welcome sign (that's really for a wedding)... or all the extra real-life greenery that goes with it? This cute little Etsy Shop has adorable baby shower invites and this printable welcome sign available instantly after purchase! Perfect for procrastinators (like me!). 

7. Favorite Things - Favor Table

All of our favorite things in one place! Hoop wreaths? Gold letters? FAVORS? Yes, please. See the whole shower here.

8. Mama's Best Friend - Photo Couch

Take it from me, standing in heels, or sitting on a hard, uncomfortable chair for several hours, while pregnant, is. the. worst. Enter: comfy couch. Perfect for the parents-to-be and for amazing, Insta-worthy selfies.

9. Do-nut Question a Donut Wall

I've recently become aware of "donut walls." You. Need. This. At. Your. Shower. Read The Merrythought's tutorial on this beauty before making your own!

10. To The Moon & Back - Greenery Accents

The whole shower doesn't have to be covered in greenery. Use it as an accent to "spring up" your pink or blue decor, like in this Pretty My Party Shower.

I'm in the mood for my spring invitations to start rolling in! How about you? 

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