Katie Brenner is co-founder of Doulas of Cincinnati.  Her second son was born in early September of 2016 at Family Beginnings at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.  Katie shares her birth story and video slideshow featuring birth photography and birth doula support from the Doulas of Cincinnati team.

The rain came a week before you were expected to burst forth into this world.

The air was thick with the window AC on overdrive.


My ankles swelling as the waters rose quickly

My belly rhythmically tightening as the thunder echoed

Swaying over the arm of the couch

Life moving around me as you danced.



You took pause as you wriggled.

Navigating your path

Pressing into my back, settling into a comfortable place.


As I became weak in the knees.

Slow as I walked into the woman I was becoming.


I told the world about you -

Dear friends and old lovers

The sunset city as we were hand in hand.


You would not be long.

Rest.  Exhausted breath as I laid in the darkness

Thinking of you.


Standing as the moments came.

Warm water and crickets through the steamed

Bathroom window screen


And driving you were determined.

Steady and steadfast

As the sun rose, more than halfway here.



I became grounded

Through many hands.


I breathed you through my bones

As you knew the way.


You are pure joy and magic.  

I have always known this to be true.



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