Bengkung Belly Binding has become one of the most talked about ways to aid in your postpartum recovery.  This week’s Tuesday Top Ten explores why this ancient Malaysian technique has become so popular Greater Cincinnati.

1.  The soft and breathable fabric is great year-round.

Worn under or over your clothes, your Bengkung Bind can add an extra layer of warmth in the winter, or be shown off as an accessory with a simple tank in the summer months.  There is no sweating from synthetic polyester as with commercial binds.

2.  You’ll only need one size bind for your postpartum recovery.

As your body returns to its pre-pregnancy shape and size, you will adjust your binding technique - no need to go back out to the store to purchase a smaller sized support.

3.  Wearing your Bengkung Bind encourages excellent posture.

Caring for your baby can often leave you slouched and slumped over.  With excellent posture you can rebuild your strength and put less strain on your body with baby in your arms.

4.  Your Bengkung Bind targets your entire abdominal area.

Unlike commercial binds which only targets your hips and lower abdominals, your Bengkung Bind extends from your pubic bone to just below your breasts giving you consistent, overall support.    

5.  Bengkung Belly Binding supports your body’s natural recovery.

The placement of hand knotting in Bengkung Binding directly supports your linea alba (central connective tissue) between your abdominal muscles.  As the linea alba shrinks back into place it pulls your abdominal muscles back together.

6.  Bengkung Belly Binding may reduce the postpartum “pooch”.

When your core muscles are weak or you have poor core muscle control your stomach and uterus can protrude through your abdominal wall.  Wearing your Benkung Bind each day during your recovery gives support to those weakened muscles, building their strength to support your internal organs.

7.  Benkung Belly Binding can help minimize diastasis recti.

Diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles) can be difficult to remedy, especially when many people do exercises that exacerbate rather than remedy the problem.  When paired with an appropriate excercise program, your Bengkung Bind can give you extra support for your muscles as they return to the appropriate state.  

8.  Your Bengkung Bind supports your hips.

Achy hips are a common postpartum complaint during the first few weeks.  Since your hips expanded during pregnancy to prepare for your baby’s birth, they will take some time to get back into place.  Having the support of your Bengkung Bind can bring some much desired relief to those aches and pains.

9.  Bengkung Belly Binding can help minimize low back pain.

When your abdominal muscles are supported and strengthened there is less stress on your lower back.  Having the support of your Bengkung Bind can also help your body adjust its center of gravity postpartum, which was shifted during pregnancy.

10.  Being pampered and taking time for self-care each day is awesome.

An in-home spa experience from your doula is a wonderful way to celebrate you.  Enjoy a warming abdominal massage, plus personalized wrapping instruction for your partner and self-binding techniques.  Whether you’re enjoying the luxury of someone else wrapping you, reconnecting with your partner, or taking some alone time to wrap yourself, having time that is focused on you is important to your both your physical and emotional well-being.

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