There’s so many things to consider when building and investing in a birth team that will be best for you.  

Choosing a care provider.  

Choosing your birth place.  

Deciding if your family and friends will join in your birth experience.  

One of the most frequent questions we get asked when speaking to a new client is:

“How will my doula support me?”

The simple answer is that Doulas of Cincinnati specializes in building a relationship with you so we can understand where you’re coming from - we meet you where you are and give you unbiased support in the moment.

But what does DOC support look like, especially when everyone’s reasons for seeking doula support are so different?  

We went straight to the source and asked:

“Why did you choose a doula?”  

Here's what our clients had to say.

“Being relatively new to the Cincinnati area, we did not know what to expect from the hospitals nor did we know how much our birth plan would be considered.” explains Laura P.

“(M)y husband and I are super busy people. Constantly thinking and/or worrying about how to go about birthing, etc. and all the little details was too time-consuming and daunting.  (Our DOC doula) made the process very streamlined - telling us how we would be getting from point A to point B. In a way, it was a "shortcut" to the most ideal birth for me, as I knew that I wouldn't really be myself while it was really happening” says Emily F.

Your DOC doulas are professionals.  Our training, certification, and continued mentorship through ProDoula ensures that we are up-to-date on current hospital and care provider trends and protocols so that we can help you prepare for your birth - whether it be at a hospital, birth center or even at home.

“As first time parents, my husband and I found the options for birth to be on a wide continuum, ranging from a heavily medical, pathologically based orientation to a rigid avoidance of anything medical.  Being somewhere in the middle felt somewhat overwhelming due to conflicting advice and philosophies and we needed help navigating through the process” says Molly M.

For Erin R., the feelings of being overwhelmed became something more: “As a first time mom I was scared of labor.  Scared I would get lost in all the medical stuff.  Scared of the whole childbirth process.  Having extra support meant security and peace of mind.”

Our entire DOC team is your sounding board throughout your pregnancy and postpartum, helping you navigate through your (and your partner’s) needs, hopes and fears so that you feel confident in your decisions.  Your DOC doulas and educators work alongside care providers, nurses, midwives and doctors throughout Greater Cincinnati.  Our experience and expertise in our community means that we can help you build a relationship with your care provider where they understand your desires for your birth and parenting style.     

When it comes to labor and birth, we are ready to support you in whatever ways you need.  According to Justine W. “(our DOC doula) gave us the confidence to labor on our own for as long as we could and she was there when we needed her.”  “We were aiming for an unmedicated birth and being first-timers we knew we wanted another "teammate" to guide us through the process” says Megan B.

During your birth, your DOC doula will be there to guide your physical and emotional comfort such as offering suggestions on positions, compassionately listening to you, and reassuring you, your partner, and family about the process of labor and birth.  

DOC Co-Founders Emily Johnson & Katie Brenner supporting clients.

DOC Co-Founders Emily Johnson & Katie Brenner supporting clients.

Having an understanding of how you would like your partner and family be involved helps us enhance their role and the experience for everyone.  “We live 12 hours from our nearest family and as first time parents, we knew we needed someone to support us but not "tell us what to do" which can sometimes happen with well meaning family”  continues Justine W, “at the hospital (our DOC doula’s) presence allowed my husband to be less stressed which in turn, helped me!”

Elise E. explains “I knew I would need extra support. I also wanted someone who would be comfortable including my 9-year old son in the process and the birth.”

“(Our DOC doula) was very helpful to (my husband) because he had someone to help him know how and when to give me support.  It was a blessing to have that calm support throughout the longest day of my life...For our next baby I will definitely be calling (Doulas of Cincinnati)” says Erin R.  

The support from your DOC doula doesn’t stop when your baby is born.  Our continuity of care during your postpartum recovery helps your confidence continue into your parenting.  “I loved the support I received with breastfeeding” says Elise E.  “ I had so many questions and was paranoid that my supply was too low. (My DOC doula) gave me the confidence to get through all the ups and downs of nursing and pumping (and we're still going strong at 10.5 months).”

From pregnancy through parenting, Doulas of Cincinnati is invested in you.  

Natural Birth.  Cesarean Birth.  Induction.  Epidural.  Formula Feeding.  Breastfeeding.  Bottle Feeding.  Scheduled Parenting.  Attachment Parenting.

Learn more about your options with Doulas of Cincinnati.

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